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In a world of tighter deadlines and shrinking budgets, there's a new agency model emerging. It's grounded in the belief that you can create powerful efficiencies when you move THINKING closer to clients.

In this new model, clients spend more time with strategists, who in turn spend more time experiencing, touching and "living" the brand. That leads to better ideas, faster execution, and less money wasted on low-level account management. These new agencies won't track every hour like an accounting firm, because better ideas aren't a line item on a billing statement.

To have a serious impact on your brand, your agency should be thinking about all the things that produce change, disruption, and results. At Tenthwave, we’ve moved that type of thinking closer to our clients. It’s a small shift with dramatic effect. Because we're not just building a bigger agency—we're building an agency that matters.


Tenthwave is the strategic blend of three award winning digital marketing agencies formerly known as Strobe Promotions, RedStapler and Zezza Network. Headquartered in New York, (with offices in Manhattan, Long Island, Silicon Valley, Dallas, Boston and the Washington D.C. Metro area), Tenthwave provides clients with digital marketing and creative services ranging from web design and development, online promotions and sweepstakes, social media marketing and online brand activation. Led by managing partners Drew Rayman and Steve Caputo, Tenthwave puts innovation before bureaucracy and provides clients with direct access to creative talent. With its focus of maximizing marketing dollars, Tenthwave refuses to embrace "how it's done" and rather strives to define "how to do it better."


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