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We are, at our core, a technology company, driven by a passion to help the everyday consumer enjoy all the potential of today’s media, hardware, entertainment, software and content.   Every service we provide and every offering your customers purchase from you is made better, easier and more profitable because of the superiority of our platform and our commitment to an easy, enjoyable consumer experience.  It’s this combination that makes our customers’ customers, among the most satisfied in the market.  

We also take it a step further.  We know that meeting consumer expectation, launching a new business and generating in-market performance is not core to your business and that’s where we also come in.  Radialpoint brings a unique blend of people, process and technology so you get the best minds, the best systems and the best technology working for you.

Radialpoint is uniquely positioned to help you launch a Technology Services business that will:




Radialpoint prides itself on its people – the professionals who are driven to succeed and who are passionate about what they do. Radialpoint is focused on creating an environment that inspires initiative and encourages people to find innovative solutions that positively impact our business, our customers and the organization as a whole.

We are committed to developing the best Connected  Home Services solutions on the planet. We are looking for people to join our stimulating, dynamic and energetic team. If you enjoy technology and developing innovative business solutions, challenging work and are ready to expand your career horizons, we’d like to meet you.

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Radialpoint is renowned for its innovative culture, operational excellence, and leadership in the Connected Home Services market. Our collaborative and flexible work environment gives our employees significant degrees of freedom and opportunities to flex their creative muscles. That's why we have won, 4 years running, Montreal’s Top...


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