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Jobbook is more than a career site. A completely new way to hire, read how we developed what is essentially a dating site, matching candidates automatically by Jobcode™. Find out more

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About Jobbook

A totally new way of looking for a job, we match you with companies by jobcode™. When you click-on the jobs you want in our unique Jobdictionary™, (with over 30,000 job titles) Jobbook not only matches you automatically but allows you to interact with employers of interest, for as long as you are a Jobbook member. Our services are completely free, with no advertisement, and no strings attached.

Our Story

Jobbook was born from a simple idea: the need for a free and honest online platform where people can connect with the jobs they want. With our unique matching system based on the Jobdictionary™, and the determination of our passionate team of students and recent graduates from across Canada and the USA, Jobbook is helping define a better way to stay on top of your career path.

Our philosophy

At Jobbook, we believe that finding the right job isn't something you should have to pay for. In fact, we believe that when you find the right job, we all win. Companies are more productive, employees are happier, and we provide a valuable service. That's why Jobbook is here to serve our members. We help our members find their dream job without any hidden costs, unfair up-selling strategies, private data mining or intrusive advertisements.

Our Pledge And Mission

We pledge to our Members and Employer Members that we shall always seek to maintain the highest ethical and transparency standards. We aim to build the simplest, most efficient job search and recruitment internet site in the world. A site designed first and foremost for our Members.

Our Student Partners

Jobbook is working with students, recent graduates and alumni from the top Universities across North America to create a strong community of job seekers. Our team is present in every corner of the USA and Canada, check out our team page to find out more.

The Jobbook Team

The Jobbook team is dedicated to creating the best career site in the world. From our team of expert developers to our talented graphic designers and marketing team, we’re all passionate about what we do. Want to join the Jobbook Team? Check out our job and internship opportunities here.


Who hasn’t been shocked by the sometimes awful treatment of women and girls in parts of the third world. The Jobbook Foundation, our largest shareholder, chaired by Richard Pound, of Olympic fame, is dedicated to human development in the third world, with a focus on women and girls. It is the policy of the Company to pay out 80% of future profits as dividends, in order to allow the Foundation to fund its activities


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